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Low Fees

Listing cakes on our website is simple and secure, with low fees of just 5% commission. The great thing is that there are no monthly fees or hidden costs. It is that simple – you only pay commission on success of making a sale!

Simple and Effective

Spend less time managing the shop and more time baking and selling. Manage your store anywhere. Upload cakes, manage listing and respond to orders through one easy to use interface.

Expert Support

Always get a quick response. If you have any questions or need advice on how to maximise your sales or set up shop, send us a note and one of our friendly team members will get back to you in a flash

Free Marketing

When you join Love Cake, we will promote and market your shop and products through SEO, email marketing, advertising campaigns, through our social media channels are more…for free!

How does Love Cake work?

1. Customers order and pay for cakes through Love Cake (via Paypal or their preferred method of payment)

2. You will receive email notifications for new orders and payments

3. You work your magic, prepare the cake and organise delivery / collection.

4. We automatically send you the payment via BACs – simple!